This morning we ponder our breakfast bowls in quiet isolation, another bush camp away from the road trains, the caravans and crowds, 100km east of nowhere in Outback Queensland… last night’s neighbours a passing herd of camels with shining eyes, their footfalls the only sound on a balmy, starry night, Australia the only country in the world where it is still possible to see wild camels.

But it can be funny about breakfasts… the obvious things easily missed first thing in the morning, even after many months on the road – with the dual milestones of 30,000kms and sharing over 100-breakfasts – we’ve just discovered our breakfast bowls are different, both being a valued gift from a friend.

Yes, the bowls are exactly the same size… and yes… they are exactly the same colour. But hey, they are not the same. After all this time tagging them as either “the one on the right” or “the one on the left” – due to us having subtle differences in our breakfast preferences – we’ve found that one bowl has horizontal lines integrated into an otherwise similar pattern, whereas the other does not.

Oh, and those special breakfast dietary requirements? No, it’s not about who likes ruby grapefruit, grapes, apple or apricot… and who doesn’t. It’s not about kiwi fruit or mandarin. And no, it’s not even about the denomination of muesli or the dollop of yogurt in each bowl. As it happens, we are both happy with all of the above.

But what it is about is the preferred banana proportion to be carefully placed in each bowl, and the degree of ripeness of said banana. Not so important? Well, that depends on how long you spend with someone – 24/7 being a long time – and it depends on who you talk to.

breakfast Mt Isa Queensland Outback

Breakfast Bowls – Quamby, Queensland, Australia


*** Story first published on 2017 ***

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