***My First Interview – courtesy of Alana Munro of `Support-a-Writer’.

By Ian Cochrane, May 22, 2013

Karratha's very own Alana Munro

Karratha’s very own                 Alana Munro

To be perfectly honest, the only things I knew about the town of Karratha until recently, was that it was somewhere up in the northwest Australian outback, and the commercial centre of the Pilbara region; Karratha taking its name from the indigenous language meaning `good country’. How could I possibly have guessed it was also home to the now famous writing dynamo, Alana Munro?

Along with her family of 3-kids, a husband and a doting dog, Alana somehow manages to maintain her own website, while hosting a Google+ community for writers, bloggers and poets; her vibrant  `Support-a-Writer’ group offering a wide range of support and encouragement. But wait, there’s more: with her first book – `Women Behaving Badly’ – receiving excellent reviews and critical acclaim, Alana still finds time to interview willing writers, along with imbibing  the occasional glass of a cheeky Australian Shiraz.

Nevertheless, when first reading of `an interview opportunity’ conducted by a famous author, I still hesitated..… after-all, it is something `we writers’ invariably endeavour to squirm out of; preferring the lonely but noble lot of a struggling, literary loner.

Cochrane clan tartan

Cochrane clan tartan

– Alana: “It is a pretty extensive interview.”

– Me: Mmm.

– Alana: “I want to learn about the person behind the craft. The questions are interesting! I find many interviews really boring, so I only ask questions that will get you talking. It’s really easy – I don’t see any point in over complicating things!”

– Me: Mmmm.

Now, as anyone who has had dealings with Alana will know, she is one talented dude with an infectious Scottish lilt and a sociably persuasive manner.

So….. to cut a long story short, My First Interview is here.

Thank you Alana.

Shlàinte, ic


  1. Yun Yi says:

    Excellent, ic. I enjoyed knowing you better now:-) And I like what you said about your writing style: simplicity. That’s the quality of best writing and art, for what I believe. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. JerseyLil says:

    Ian, fantastic interview with Alana Munro, and you are “a delightful chap.” She asked excellent questions and I enjoyed reading your answers. I left a comment on the interview page.

    Great photo of you there. (Good to see what you look like sans the “blue” lol!) Growing up, I also read “The Snow Leopard” and “Lord of the Rings,” loved those books. Interesting to know that you are also a draughtsman. When I first landed on your blog, I read the story of how you were influenced by your Scottish grandmother, quite the storyteller herself. Just have to add, very sweet of you to acknowledge and thank your girlfriend, Sue, for her contribution.

    Nice colors in the Cochrane clan tartan. Btw, I’ve had Australian Shiraz, very nice!

    Seeing mention in the interview that your book “Indian Summers” has “nostalgic memories of 1967’s Summer of Love,” well, I knew I wanted to read it. However, when I tried to order, I received a message that there were no available shipping methods for my location. Does that mean I cannot order a hard copy, only an e-book? I still prefer holding an actual book in my hands as opposed to simply reading at the computer. Thanks!

    • IanC says:

      Haha. Thanks JL. Yes, I was very happy with that interview; & probably do have a good rapport with Alana. It continues to surprises me the common ground we share.

      Glad you like the photo, courtesy of my book-launch. I would definitely recommend a hard-copy & (you won’t be surprised to hear that I too prefer hard copies). Indian Summers has been specifically designed as a visual & tactile package.

      Not sure why you cannot order directly from me via my website. Should be possible via Paypal or credit card if you have a delivery address. It would be a great pleasure to forward a signed copy.

      I shall be in touch.
      Cheers, ic

  3. Loved the whole interview, Ian. You always express yourself so clearly and distinctively, even when your only reply is Mmmm.

  4. Peter Licari says:

    I have to agree, it seemed kind of odd at first to seek out an interview with an established author. But it seemed like you had a lot of fun doing it. I just completed one myself and I personally had a ball. I enjoy both yours and Alana’s works. Keep up the awesome work.


    • IanC says:

      Glad you enjoyed the read Peter.
      Haha. I think being `established’ may be a little subjective. I have certainly been lucky enough to have a handful of features & a modest book published, but alas the income has come nowhere near the time (happily) spent in the writing. I am indeed lucky to have genuine readers.

      Yes, we did have some fun putting the interview together; thanks to Alana’s questions & undoubted vision. I consider myself very lucky to meet such a committed writer.

      I’m so happy you dropped by. Quite a treat.
      Cheers, ic

  5. Alana Munro says:

    Hi Ian, thanks for a great interview. I love your post about your experience with me too. Brilliant! Yes I am rather busy! Ha ha. It is such a pleasure to know you and loved the tartan. Keep in touch. 🙂

  6. What a cool interview, Ian. I loved the photo of you, BTW. I always look forward to your posts and really enjoy your writing style. Glad to have met you in the blogosphere!

  7. umashankar says:

    The cool dude form the ‘good country’ interviews a fascinating writer! I am headed right there, Ian.

    PS: Loved your clan tartan.

    • IanC says:

      Thanks Uma.
      I did ponder whether to include a snap of the family tartan. Haven’t been there since 1974, but still feel close to that special part of the world.
      Cheers, ic

  8. Big D says:

    I did like the part about “get real, pull out a red pen and slash”

    It clearly did you some good. ATB old chap.

    • IanC says:

      Haha Big D.
      Yes, knocked me right of my pedestal that did.
      There I was saying no to arguably the most respected newspaper travel editor in the country; me being initially unwilling to cut back on my waffle! Time to get a grip on reality.

      Thanks for dropping by; appreciate the comment.
      Cheers, ic

  9. dslecooper57 says:

    Nice one Ian. Good to get more of an insight into your writing methods.

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