To be perfectly honest, the only things I knew about the town of Karratha until recently, was that it was somewhere up in the northwest Australian outback, and the commercial centre of the Pilbara region; Karratha taking its name from the indigenous language meaning `good country’. How could I possibly have guessed it was also home to the now famous writing dynamo, Alana Munro?

Along with her family of 3-kids, a husband and a doting dog, Alana somehow manages to maintain her own website, while hosting a Google+ community for writers, bloggers and poets; her vibrant  `Support-a-Writer’ group offering a wide range of support and encouragement. But wait, there’s more: with her first book – Women Behaving Badly – receiving excellent reviews and critical acclaim, Alana still finds time to interview writers, along with imbibing  the occasional glass of a cheeky Australian Shiraz.

Nevertheless, when first reading of `an interview opportunity’ conducted by a famous author, I still hesitated..… after-all, it is something `we writers’ invariably endeavour to squirm out of; preferring the lonely but noble lot of a struggling, literary loner.

– Alana: “It is a pretty extensive interview.”

– Me: Mmmm.

– Alana: “I want to learn about the person behind the craft. The questions are interesting! I find many interviews really boring, so I only ask questions that will get you talking. It’s really easy – I don’t see any point in over complicating things!”

– Me: Mmmmm.

Now, as anyone who has had dealings with Alana will know, she is one talented dude with an infectious Scottish lilt and a sociably persuasive manner.

Thank you Alana.

Shlàinte, ic

NOTE –  as of 04th Feb 2018 Alana’s Blog can unfortunately no longer be accessed. So sorry to any recent readers, IanC


Cochrane tartan

Cochrane clan tartan


*** Opening image of `Alana Munro’ from her website ***

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