Haha, a new award, and quite a mouthful.

But an award from a respected blogger is gratefully accepted; so thanks heaps to  Diary of an Internet Nobody for thinking of my writing, and its recent evolution into a modest blog.

`An aging hippy living in Devon’, Dale classes his work as `eclecticism, humour, nonsense, opinionated ranting, and occasionally educational stuff’. I’d say eclectic with heart. If you do pay him a visit, you won’t be dissapointed.

So, thanks again Dale! Awards like this broaden my horizons, introducing me to more of the great blogs out there; blogs that I may otherwise miss.

And the Award rules?

– to provide 10 random facts about myself.

– and to nominate some blogs I follow.

So, to kick things off, 10-places I’m dreaming of while sitting at my crowded, crumb-filled  keyboard –

1/ Peaks and clouds at Machu Picchu.

2/ Strangler figs at Ta Prohm.

3/ The long paddock, Mt Cook.

4/ A wrong turn in Tallinn.

5/ Roses of red, roses of yellow. Central Park.

6/ Keeping cool at Cape Le Grande.

7/ Torcello treasures.

8/ Columns in Cordoba.

9/ Spring fishing in St.Peterburg.

10/ Kadavu kids.


And here are 2-blogs I’ve recently began to follow –

1/ Assorted Thoughts From An Unsorted Mind.
BigD says he’s `A nondescript sort of chap who likes a lot of stuff I really should have grown out of’?’

Now, what can I say? …A wonderfully presented read, on life, heavy metal music, films and cartoons, books and comics…with an individual’s take on things. No, I’m not a Heavy Metal fan as such…I’m thinking `eclectec’ here; sometimes pointed, but often very funny.

2/ Fear No More…A Day in the Life.
Michelle’s is a personal blog of a journey through life; the experience, strength and hope as a woman and a triathlete…all told with complete honesty; heartfelt and well written.

As an ex-marathon runner, I very much admire Michelle’s ability to mix life and training.

If you have the time, please drop by both these blogs for a read. Yes, they are very different to each other, and definitely do enrichen my take on things.

And lastly – as always – thanks for reading!

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