***Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness 2013 – my blog’s second award!

By Ian Cochrane, April 14, 2013

wpid-epic_awsomeHaha, a new award, and quite a mouthful.

But an award from a respected blogger is gratefully accepted; so thanks heaps to  Diary of an Internet Nobody for thinking of my writing, and its recent evolution into a modest blog.

`An aging hippy living in Devon’, Dale classes his work as `eclecticism, humour, nonsense, opinionated ranting, and occasionally educational stuff’. I’d say eclectic with heart. If you do pay him a visit, you won’t be dissapointed.

So, thanks again Dale! Awards like this broaden my horizons, introducing me to more of the great blogs out there; blogs that I may otherwise miss.

And the Award rules?

– to provide 10 random facts about myself.

– and to nominate some blogs I follow.

So, to kick things off, 10-places I’m dreaming of while sitting at my crowded, crumb-filled  keyboard –

1/ Peaks and clouds at Machu Picchu.

Nyile La, Western Bhutan

More people and places. ( Nyile La, Western Bhutan)

2/ Strangler figs at Ta Prohm.

3/ The long paddock, Mt Cook.

4/ A wrong turn in Tallinn.

5/ Roses of red, roses of yellow. Central Park.

6/ Keeping cool at Cape Le Grande.

7/ Torcello treasures.

8/ Columns in Cordoba.

9/ Spring fishing in St.Peterburg.

10/ Kadavu kids.


And here are 2-blogs I’ve recently began to follow –

1/ Assorted Thoughts From An Unsorted Mind.
BigD says he’s `A nondescript sort of chap who likes a lot of stuff I really should have grown out of’?’

Now, what can I say? …A wonderfully presented read, on life, heavy metal music, films and cartoons, books and comics…with an individual’s take on things. No, I’m not a Heavy Metal fan as such…I’m thinking `eclectec’ here; sometimes pointed, but often very funny.

2/ Fear No More…A Day in the Life.
Michelle’s is a personal blog of a journey through life; the experience, strength and hope as a woman and a triathlete…all told with complete honesty; heartfelt and well written.

As an ex-marathon runner, I very much admire Michelle’s ability to mix life and training.

If you have the time, please drop by both these blogs for a read. Yes, they are very different to each other, and definitely do enrichen my take on things.

And lastly – as always – thanks for reading!


  1. Lanthie Ransom says:

    Congratulations Ian. The award was well deserved.

  2. Truly inspiring photos, Ian. You are indeed a man who has done much and seen much. Those children are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on being so awesome.

    • IanC says:

      Yes NP, for me travelling is a great catalyst for personal growth. & those Fijiin schoolkids! What a pot of gold.
      Awesome? Moi? Haha. Very kind.
      Cheers, ic

  3. Congrats on your awesome blog award, Ian! I look forward to each of your posts with eager anticipation. And, BTW, thanks for nominating me for a Sunshine award…I am absolutely terrible about remembering to follow up on things like that. Loved all your photos; man, you guys sure do get around.

    • IanC says:

      Very kind Kris,
      Always conscious of how lengthy some of my posts are, I appreciate you taking the time to read. So glad you enjoyed these photo’s, & it was a pleasure to nominate your work for the recent Sunshine Award. I do enjoy each of your incarnations!
      Cheers, ic

  4. JerseyLil says:

    Ian, congrats on your second blogger award and well deserved! Nice photo of you and your girlfriend in Western Bhutan (what a backdrop!). Those photos are stunning and all are wonderful places to dream about while sitting at your “crowded, crumb-filled keyboard.” lol! You ought to see my keyboard, crumbs plus coffee and wine stains, yet it still types! I love the landscape photos but I was especially taken by the one of the children in Kadavu, Fiji, with the varying expressions of wonder, delight, and curiosity on their faces (like the bright red flowers in the girls’ hair too).

    Thank you for nominating my blog last month for the Sunshine Award. What a nice surprise that was and much appreciated. Got a bit behind on my blogging with my dog being sick, but I am putting together a post this week for that award and others that I’ve received recently.

    • IanC says:

      Thank you so much JL.
      The photo of Sue & I does say it all: having quite a time basking in a balmy Himalayan breeze. & ah yes, our keyboards; they just keep rolling along.

      Interesting you picked out that Fiji snap. Those kids are truly beautiful; full of optimism with the world @ their feet. I do hope the world treats them kindly.

      & re: that recent Sunshine award.
      You certainly deserved that nomination!
      Cheers, ic

  5. umashankar says:

    Ian, even though my feeble mind fails to measure the full import of this Epic Award, I sincerely believe you deserve most of the awards floating in the alleys and byways of the Blog-sphere and I am sure they will find their way to People & Places sooner rather than later! 🙂

    Those are exotic spots you dream of from your ‘crowded, crumb-filled keyboard’. At times I dare to dream of them too.

    Congratulations, my friend!

    • IanC says:

      Just thinking US…it is indeed a lot to take in for simple folk like ourselves.
      What about renaming to Hindi?
      महाकाव्य 2013 Awesomeness epically विस्मयकारी पुरस्कार

      Mmm. Seemed even the mighty Google struggles with the special significance of the middle bit!
      As always, thanks for the kind words.
      Cheers, ic

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