Cape Arid_3198_Australia_iancochrane_edit

Lost and Found – a splendid memory (Cape Arid, Western Australia)

June 4, 2013

`The bus’ bumps from side to side, the wheels in deeply rutted tracks. Nearer our coastal camp, scrub turns to woodland and we both lurch to the left as we drop a gear and edge across a scary slab of sloping granite. Back on sand it’s our final descent, to a wild coast of dazzling […]

Stonehouse Inn (old Fayette Springs Hotel), Farmington, Fayette County, Pennsylavania

Longing and Leftovers – the final reckoning (Farmington, USA)

December 28, 2012

We fly from Melbourne to New York, continuing on to Pittsburgh. We’re in this part of the country to see the `best example of American architecture’, the iconic creation of Frank Lloyd Wright. The hire car attendant is astounded anyone would travel this far, handing over the keys to our 4×4; my girlfriend hoping for […]


Black Top Road – of Piedmont Blues (Melbourne, Australia)

December 11, 2012

Upright sleeves of vinyl records – Mayall, Joplin and Bloomfield – sit above a dishevelled shelf of 70 assorted blues CDs, and these days an under-used turntable. I read the CD titles from left to right, tucking in a Broonzy and dusting off a Burnside. I grab another, wrong way round, lifting it clear and […]

Karratha's very own Alana Munro

***My First Interview – courtesy of Alana Munro of `Support-a-Writer’.

May 22, 2013

To be perfectly honest, the only things I knew about the town of Karratha until recently, was that it was somewhere up in the northwest Australian outback, and the commercial centre of the Pilbara region; Karratha taking its name from the indigenous language meaning `good country’. How could I possibly have guessed it was also […]


Fabled Gates – Aesop in the big Apple (New York, USA)

January 11, 2013

A small green plaque reads `Ancient Playground’, the entrance a pair of black cast-bronze gates  set between tall rectangular pillars of polished pink granite; topped by bears on the left – one upright – three deer on the other. The pillars are engraved in gold letters, dedicated to William Church Osborn – `PRESIDENT THE CHILDREN’S […]


Meeting Saint Louise – a Nordic sense of deja vu (Trondheim, Norway)

November 26, 2012

We’d passed by here before, tall and ornate, diamond timber-panelling on grand double gates, always shut; the name in sweeping letters across the arched pediment above. This time – en-route to Nidaros cathedral – I pay little attention, until my girlfriend stops. Today, it seems an inset central door is open. We brave the stream of […]


Lost Pearls and Pomegranates – from red towers to whitewash (Andalusia, Spain)

December 8, 2013

The phone rings late afternoon: my girlfriend having just arrived. We meet and trudge uphill from Granada station, through the 15th century Gate of Pomegranates to this Alhambra citadel – ruddy stone towers, roses, oranges and myrtles – a garden-fortress built to house a Moorish army of 40,000. Boabdil was born here, imprisoned in the […]

Melanie Jean Juneau

***Close-up and Personal – an exceedingly generous profile, courtesy of Melanie Jean Juneau of `Blogcatalog’.

September 26, 2013

Having discovered a rather humbling profile of myself RIGHT HERE, I must thank the respected Canadian writer `motherofnine‘ for her kind words. Meeting Melanie some time back – via the world blogging communities of Blogcatalog and Broowaha – I’ve come to know her as a renowned scribe and a prolific blogger. So there Melanie; although praise from […]